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Early Childhood and

Early Childhood Programs

In every class, our experienced and caring instructors conduct age-appropriate activities with the goal of introducing young children to basic musical and movement concepts. Through the use of percussion instruments, movement activities, listening exercises, and singing, our early childhood students begin to learn important concepts such as pitch, dynamics, and timbre and an awareness of self, coordination and physical expression. Additionally, motor control and inner hearing are also developed, enabling a natural transition to instrumental lessons or structured dance classes. Music & Dance Academy classes are educational and fun for both students and parents.

What makes Music & Dance Academy’s EARLY CHILDHOOD PROGRAM unique?


They are trained and certified in early childhood educational methods and are also instrumentalists/vocalists/dancers who complement their teaching with musical or dance demonstrations.

OUR CLASSES ARE AGE APPROPRIATE. Children develop at different rates, particularly when they are very young. The motor skills of a six month old are different from a 20 month old. Therefore, we structure our classes to specific age groups.

OUR CLASSES BUILD SKILLS. Our Mommy & Me class for parent and child, Pre Ballet through Music FunTime!, Music & Dance Academy’s Early Childhood Program builds skills from one class to the next, ultimately preparing each child for success in instrumental instruction.

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