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Violin lessons, Tucson AZViolin lessons, Tucson AZ
Ballet Classes Tucson, AZBallet Classes Tucson, AZ
online music lessons Tucson, AZonline music lessons Tucson, AZ
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Toddler dance classes, tucson AZ

Why Choose Us

Highly Trained Faculty & Diverse Curriculum

With a dedicated faculty offering multiple instruments, voice, and dance styles, we can find a teacher or class to fit your unique needs.

All Ages Welcome

The Music & Dance Academy provides a robust music or dance education. Private lessons and group classes are available for all ages, including Music Funtime and Mommy & Me classes for toddlers all the way up to Adult classes and lessons. Families can find something for everyone at our school.

Community & Performance Opportunities

Our relationship with the greater Tucson community provides our students with opportunities to grow their performance skills, participate in events, and volunteer with community service projects to become well-rounded artists.