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Specialty Dance

Level: Children/Teen/Adult

Audition Prep (7+ yrs)

A new class designed for performers who want to dance and dancers who want to sing. This Triple Threat Training will focus on combining choreography with singing, while bringing out each student's stage light to create engaging and honest performers. We will be covering a wide variety of the musical theatre repertoire for a fun and educational class!

Acro Dance (7+ yrs)

Based on the floor exercises of gymnastics, acro is tumbling, contortion, and dance combined.

Stretch & Flex

Flex is open to anyone interested in extreme flexibility. Class focuses on splits, oversplits, and back bending. Variations for all levels are provided

Leaps & Turns (8+ yrs)

Leaps & Turns is a whole class dedicated to tricks. In this class students really work on the things that will help kids get on their school dance teams or our Performing Company. Leaps & Turns is not about the artistic side of dance but is about the athletic, physical side of dance.

Kids Fitness (12-15 yrs)

Fiercely fun dance workout to the beat of pop, rock, and hip-hop music.

Heels Class (13+ yrs)

This class teaches jazz technique in heels. Musical Theatre and traditional Jazz styles are taught, including Rockette style, Fosse, as well as music video jazz.