Adult Dance Classes in Tucson, AZ – Ballet, Tap, Jazz

Our adult classes cater to beginning to intermediate students looking to exercise, de-stress, and learn multiple styles of dance. Older teens (16+) may enroll in Adult classes with Instructor permission.

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Adult Ballet

An open class for older teens and adults of any age, Adult Ballet is a fun and functional workout while incorporating ballet steps at the barre, center, and across the floor. Great for building strength, flexibility, and fine muscle tone, Adult Ballet is a nurturing environment for dancers of any age. Bring a friend or make a new one in class! See you at the barre 🙂

Adult Tap

Adult Tap is an introduction to basic tap steps and principles while focusing on balance, memory, rhythm, and clarity. Perfect for beginning teens or adults of any age, Adult Tap is a great time to learn something new.  Bring a friend or make a new one in class!

Adult Jazz

With a focus on strength, body conditioning, and stretching, Adult Jazz introduces the fundamentals of jazz while getting a cardio workout to upbeat music. Center exercises combined with across the floor, leaps, turns, and choreography introduce jazz technique while having fun. Bring a friend or make a new one in class!

Open Teen/Adult Modern

An open class for older teens and adults, Modern dance focuses on floor work, center, and across the floor in modern styles like Graham, Limon, and Horton. Beginners and intermediate dancers are welcome.

Create Your Own Class

We will open a class for you and four of your friends (depending on studio availability). It’s easy to take the next step. Contact Us to arrange your customized class today!

Why Choose Us

Highly Trained Faculty & Diverse Curriculum

With a dedicated faculty offering multiple instruments, voice, and dance styles, we can find a teacher or class to fit your unique needs.

All Ages Welcome

The Music & Dance Academy provides a robust music or dance education. Private lessons and group classes are available for all ages, including Music Funtime and Mommy & Me classes for toddlers all the way up to Adult classes and lessons. Families can find something for everyone at our school.

Community & Performance Opportunities

Our relationship with the greater Tucson community provides our students with opportunities to grow their performance skills, participate in events, and volunteer with community service projects to become well-rounded artists.