Tutus for Tots - Ballet for Toddlers in Tucson, AZ

Level: Early Childhood/Pre-School (3-4 yrs)

Tutus for Tots is an introduction to ballet for toddlers.  Little ones use creative movement and begin to learn very basic ballet steps and terminology.  Through movement games and activities children will learn and practice spatial awareness, rhythm, balance and coordination in this exciting class.

This class is taken with a parent/caregiver.

Pre Ballet Class in Tucson, AZ

Level: Children (5-6 yrs)

Pre-Ballet is an introductory ballet class that introduces the positions of the feet, port de bras, basic ballet steps, French vocabulary, class etiquette, barre work, center work, and choreography. Through games, creative movement, and imagery, the foundation for ballet technique will begin to blossom for young dancers.

Ballet I-III

Studying Technique

Develop the fundamentals of dance through grace, alignment, flexibility and strength in our ballet classes. You will develop artistry and technique in a supportive, non-competitive and engaging environment.

Ballet 1 (7+ yrs)

Building upon fundamentals of classical ballet learned in Pre-Ballet, Ballet 1 will expand upon French vocabulary, barre, center, and choreography while adding more complexity and increasing difficulty. Class etiquette and traditions of ballet will be stressed in this level as dancers learn the structure of class and the importance of professionalism and respect. Our ballet curriculum is based upon the Vaganova technique while incorporating other styles including Balanchine and Cecchetti.  

Ballet 2 (8+ yrs)

While Ballet 1 lays the foundation for technique, Ballet 2 focuses more upon proper body alignment, turnout, execution, balance, and strength. Because Ballet 2 is a preparation for the most advanced level, Ballet 3, and is considered a preparation for pointe shoes, students may study in this level for more than one year until they show a mastery of the steps and concepts of the course. Our ballet curriculum is based upon the Vaganova technique while incorporating other styles including Balanchine and Cecchetti.  

Ballet 3 (9+ yrs)

Our most advanced Ballet class ideal for Teens, Ballet 3 provides a strong technical foundation with a focus on more difficult combinations, petit allegro, pirouettes, and grande allegro. Choreography is a mix of classical with exposure to the great ballets and variations with original works of a more contemporary style included. Our ballet curriculum is based upon the Vaganova technique while incorporating other styles including Balanchine and Cecchetti.  

Pointe (11+)

With instructor permission, Pointe dancers learn the fundamentals of pointe technique and execution. Dancers must have adequate strength, stability, and precociousness to handle this exciting responsibility for advanced dancers only.

Adult Ballet Class in Tucson, AZ

Adult Ballet for Beginning to Intermediate Students

An open class for older teens and adults of any age, Adult Ballet is a fun and functional workout while incorporating ballet steps at the barre, center, and across the floor. Great for building strength, flexibility, and fine muscle tone, Adult Ballet is a nurturing environment for dancers of any age. Bring a friend or make a new one in class! See you at the barre 🙂

Mommy & Me Dance Class in Tucson, AZ

Mommy and Me dance class is designed to get 2 year olds and their caregivers moving! In this toddler dance class, little ones learn motor skills, listening skills, and basic dance skills through creative movement, games, and activities. Mommies, daddies, grandparents, and anyone else is welcome to assist their little one in this fun exploration of movement.

Why Choose Us

Highly Trained Faculty & Diverse Curriculum

With a dedicated faculty offering multiple instruments, voice, and dance styles, we can find a teacher or class to fit your unique needs.

All Ages Welcome

The Music & Dance Academy provides a robust music or dance education. Private lessons and group classes are available for all ages, including Music Funtime and Mommy & Me classes for toddlers all the way up to Adult classes and lessons. Families can find something for everyone at our school.

Community & Performance Opportunities

Our relationship with the greater Tucson community provides our students with opportunities to grow their performance skills, participate in events, and volunteer with community service projects to become well-rounded artists.