Do Voice Lessons Really Help?

A very common question asked by interested parents and students is:

Do voice lessons really work?

While most voice coaches and teacher will definitely prompt you that they are worth it for a lot of reasons, we totally understand there is still lingering doubts about singing lessons in your mind. But to help you really get a deep understanding of what taking voice lessons can help you achieve, here are the best reasons why you should opt for them. Continue reading “Do Voice Lessons Really Help?”

What Is The Best Age For A Child To Start Taking Flute Lessons?

A lot of parents are eager to send their children to various musical instrument lessons as early as they can. Many believe that starting children young when it comes to music gives them an advantage over other aspiring musicians. As a result, most parents send their children to learn how to play musical instruments at an early age of 3 or 4. However, unlike other musical instruments, flutes are relatively hard to learn for a young child. This does not pertain to the difficulty range of the instrument, but to its type and structure. Putting it simply, young learners can find it difficult to play the instruments especially if they cannot reach the keys or blow on the mouthpiece properly. Continue reading “What Is The Best Age For A Child To Start Taking Flute Lessons?”

Is Your Kid Ready for Ballet Classes?

For parents, the idea of signing up their kids to ballet classes can be really exciting. After all, what’s not to be excited about ballet?  The grace, the poise and the way little ballerinas glide through the stage are all worth looking forward to. Continue reading “Is Your Kid Ready for Ballet Classes?”

Jazz Dance! The Benefits of Signing Up Your Kids for Jazz Classes

Does your kid show interest in dancing jazz and you’re still thinking if it’s really worth it? There’s something about jazz dance that cheers people instantly. Jazz is a combination of many dance styles including ethnic dance, social dance and even ballet. It’s one of the most popular dance forms that people of all ages have been using for a long time now. Continue reading “Jazz Dance! The Benefits of Signing Up Your Kids for Jazz Classes”

Private Dance Lessons Vs. Group Dance Classes

Various types of people are expected to thrive through distinct learning approaches. This notion applies to learning social dance as well. Some individuals learn better in a private lesson setting, comfortably allowing them to advance at their own pace. While others, on the other hand, improve more when surrounded by other people in a group dance class. But regardless of a person’s preference, both types of lesson layouts actually have their own advantages. The guide below can help you decide which method is suitable to address your present dancing needs and skill level. Continue reading “Private Dance Lessons Vs. Group Dance Classes”

Your First Voice Lesson: What to Expect and How to Prepare

If it’s your first time attending voice lessons, congratulations! You’ve finally taken your first big step to becoming a great singer. Voice lessons are essential for those who want to learn to sing or improve their singing. After all, it doesn’t just take an awesome voice to be good at singing. Continue reading “Your First Voice Lesson: What to Expect and How to Prepare”

Music & Dance Academy Celebrates History

“Music is my passion and creating a learning community in providing an excellent music education is my dream” was what Nina said when she was interviewed in 2005 by the Arizona Daily Star. The story of Music & Dance Academy dates back to 1995, when Nina Tishkevich, followed her dreams of providing excellent music education. Continue reading “Music & Dance Academy Celebrates History”