Benefits Of Dancing

Dance lessons might seem like all fun and games to onlookers, but dancing has more tangible benefits than you think. Dancing can improve your general well being, keep stress at bay, help build your confidence and even meet new friends. Keep reading if you’re curious to find out what dancing can do for you and your children. 

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How to Help Your Child Become a Better Musician

Music is an artform. Like all artforms, music takes patience, practice and hard work to truly be beautiful. Getting to that point where your son or daughter can stand on a stage and play Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven is no easy task. It requires teamwork between both you and your child to reach that goal. If you aren’t sure how to help nurture their gift then follow these quick tips to help your child become a better musician.

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What to Expect at Your First Tap Class

Let’s face it; learning how to tap dance is not easy. Hence, it’s understandable to feel overwhelmed when thinking about going to class. After all, chances are this is the first time you have enrolled yourself to any dance lesson. So, if you have no any idea what to do, let us help fill you in about what you can expect from your first tap class. Continue reading “What to Expect at Your First Tap Class”

Flute Lessons: Top 5 Benefits of Playing the Flute

Learning how to play the flute can be rewarding in so many ways. In general, people opt to take flute lessons in order to cultivate the talent. However, obtaining flute lessons can develop more than just talent in playing it. Here are other benefits that taking flute lessons has in store for you. Continue reading “Flute Lessons: Top 5 Benefits of Playing the Flute”

5 Reasons You Should Take Private Dance Lessons

People have varying preferences when it comes to learning how to dance. There are people who learn best when surrounded by other people in group dance classes. However, there are some people who shy away from groups. Oftentimes, this is the reason why a lot of people invest in private dance lessons. So, if you’re thinking about getting one for yourself, here are other reasons why it’s actually a good idea. Continue reading “5 Reasons You Should Take Private Dance Lessons”

What to Expect in your Child’s Pre-Ballet Classes

Mom’s with little girls all want to see them wear their tutus and strut a ballet walk or spin but there is a required age for ballet classes. If you are one of those moms who can’t wait there are pre-ballet classes offered in dance schools to help ease girls into formal ballet classes. Continue reading “What to Expect in your Child’s Pre-Ballet Classes”

5 Reasons Your Child Should Take Piano and Keyboard Lessons

A musically inclined child has so many advantages. You will never run out of research to back up this claim. Let me just narrow down 5 reasons your child should take piano and keyboard lessons. By the way, I mentioned piano and keyboard lessons because not everyone can afford the real thing and a keyboard is a very convenient alternative to a piano. Continue reading “5 Reasons Your Child Should Take Piano and Keyboard Lessons”

6 Benefits of Voice Lessons for Adults

You would think that your age will be a disadvantage in your dreams of becoming a good singer. However, contrary to your belief, adults are the best candidate for voice lessons. This is because as adults your vocal cords have fully developed and you can easily determine your vocal range. To convince you even further here are 6 benefits of voice lessons for adults. Continue reading “6 Benefits of Voice Lessons for Adults”

Voice Lessons for Kids: 5 Great Ways to Support your Child

There are so many reasons why voice lessons for kids are a great idea. From basic singing lessons to the love of musical theater, they are just a fantastic way to boost your child’s’ confidence levels, nurture their talents, develop better brain function and  enhance their social and communication skills. Continue reading “Voice Lessons for Kids: 5 Great Ways to Support your Child”