The guitar is a fairly old instrument dating back to as far as 4000 years ago. Despite their age, guitars are a central part of many musical performances alongside the piano, drums and others. The best part is that they come in many forms as well. From wood guitars for classic country to electric guitars for loud rock performances, there’s a guitar for everyone. 

Even kids can join in the fun while learning some great new things. If you still aren’t sure if the guitar is for your child, then read on as we’re going to explore why your child should learn the guitar!

Explore New Horizons With Guitar Lessons

Learning a new instrument can be a challenge for many. However, starting early can help someone to become more mentally and emotionally mature than their peers in the future. The guitar is a relatively cheaper alternative to other instruments and can be a great first step for many aspiring musicians. 

Boost Your Child’s Confidence 

Confidence is something almost every instrument can easily boost. The guitar is no different. Learning an instrument sets a goal for the player to achieve and being able to successfully play that song after weeks of practice can give them a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Greater Coordination

It takes skill to actually be able to play an instrument fluently. The guitar is no exception as you have to be able to hit the notes while also paying attention to the scale. This translates to better eye to hand coordination in other aspects of a child’s life. This lets them pursue other talents in tandem with  their passion for music. Better drawing and writing are just some of the bonuses a guitarist can have.

Strum The Stress Away

Music has a profound effect on our emotions. Especially when you’re the one playing. A stressful day can easily beaten back by playing a few notes on your favorite instrument. If the guitar so happens to be your instrument of choice then you’re in for a treat. You can play a faster song to destress aggressively or pick a slower song to calm yourself. You don’t have to smash a guitar like Paul Stanley to feel good about playing a guitar.

Improve Creativity

Creativity is what keeps our lives fresh and wonderful. Not only does your child get to explore something new and exciting, they can also end up creating something new and exciting for others. They could end up forming their own bands and create their own songs. They might even become the next big hit.

Better Grades In School

You’d think that having a distracting passion such as playing the guitar would lower a child’s academics instead of increasing it. However, that isn’t the case. Playing an instrument like the guitar has actually been shown to improve their academic performance. Namely in literacy and creative aspects of their schooling. 


Whether you pick the guitar or another instrument, the best way to learn is with others. Contact Music and Dance Academy Tucson today to help your child discover their passion in music!