If you’re looking for music lessons or dance classes in Tucson, Arizona, you’re in the right place! Since 1995, we have provided thousands of students with the highest quality arts education. Bringing together a community of distinguished international faculty we offer personalized attention through private lessons, group classes and ensembles, as well as master classes and workshops. Whether you are a beginner, or an advanced student, you will discover a style of teaching that fits your personality, and your personal goals.


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Fantastic musical experience with Music and Dance Academy since 2010. When I found this school for my boy Eric, I was very happy to see his piano playing skill was significantly improved in a very short period time! Teachers of the school are very professional and passionate, and the class is unique designed for individual student on different level. Most importantly, school offers a lot of great performance opportunities each year for students to perform on stages, churches, bookstores. It allows student to gain precious performances experiences by facing audiences. We are all proud that Eric had a wonderful opportunity to be qualified to perform at Carnage Hall in Gold Key Festival 2014. Thanks Nina! Eric, now, has been with the school for more than seven years. He love the school and teachers there. He not only learned the music skills, but also influenced by the spirit of music. Music will be with him in his life long journey!

-Charles Lu

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