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Adult Dance

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Dance classes are offered at both Oro Valley and Catalina Foothills locations.

In order to receive the best dance class placement, the Music & Dance Academy bases their class levels more around ability than age, at the teachers discretion.


An introductory dance class where moms and dads assist our very youngest movers (2 years) through their first dance class.  Engaging music and the use of special props such as scarves, hula hoops and rhythm instruments, make learning basic steps fun. Dancers discover creativity, explore flexibility and build self confidence through movement. Contact us!

Creative Movement

Did you know?…Dance, and artistic literacy, work hand in hand with the development of cognitive skills which will be used later in life to read, write, and solve mathematical problems. Creative dance is structured play which:

1) Enables students to gain from their own explorations and from observing others.
2) Helps 3, 4 and 5 year old dancers to take turns, shaping a group piece of choreography (a dance story).
3) Develops age appropiate gross and fine motor coordination through engaging dance activities.
4) Builds self esteem, confidence, social awareness, and an appreciation for order and discipline.
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Pre-Ballet is offered to students between 5 and 8 years old. Many students will be placed in Pre-ballet for 2 or more years. Pre-ballet is a 45 minute class which combines elements found in Creative Movement with a more disciplined ballet approach. Students in Pre-ballet gain an awareness of body alignment, while strengthening and stretching the body with an age appropriate ballet based movement curriculum. Class Schedules

Ballet I, II

Develop the fundamentals of dance through grace, alignment, flexibility and strength by studying ballet technique. Ballet classes develop artistry and technique in a supportive, non-competative and engaging environment. Ballet I classes are offered once a week. In order to develop beyond a Ballet I level of competency, dancers students are strongly encouraged to commit to a minimum of two ballet classes a week. Whether one wants to improve their grace or become a ballerina, ballet class is a great starting place! Ballet combo classes are also available. Class Schedules

Ballet for Adults

The approaches will slightly differ in our 2 adult ballet classes. In Adult Beginning Ballet, the emphasis will be on developing physical grace and fitness and in the Adult Ballet Barre/Stretch Lengthen and Strengthen class, emphasis will be on fitness/physical training. (we recommend taking both for optimum results).

  • Adult Beginning Ballet

    A great class for adults that have never studied ballet, or have not been in class for years. Class is presented in logical progression which introduces concepts clearly, fosters proper technique and alignment ,and develops a sense of grace and confidence. Exercises are given at the barre and in center floor.

  • Adult Ballet Barre/Stretch Lengthen and Strengthen Class 

    A great compliment to Adult Beginning Ballet or simply a great work out which combines, strength, flexability, alignment and coordination. Excercises are primarily given at the barre but some floor exercise is given which facilitate progress in all aspects of building strength, flexability, alignment and coordination.
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    Jazz combines many dance styles and techniques including ethnic dance, social dance and ballet. These energetic classes will introduce students to jazz technique which develops rhythm, coordination, strength, flexibility while encouraging each student’s individual style. Students will learn jazz dance technique, terminology and movement quality through rhythmic and percussive movement phrases. This class is a wonderful way to expand energy and learn to dance at the same time. Jazz I is perfect for the young dancer and focuses on coordination while Jazz II is for the student with more experience. Jazz III is our advanced level class. Jazz combo classes are also available. Class Schedules

    Hip Hop

    Hip-hop classes teach fundamentals of hip hop movement and technique through unique choreography inspired by music videos and street dance. These clsses will develop coordination, musicality and strength through footwork and gestures that are combined to create varying styles of movement that are meaningful, age approprite and hours of fun. Hip Hop combo classes are also available. Class Schedules


    Do you have happy feet? A uniquely American dance style, tap dance developed from Irish and African American dance forms. Students will learn tap terminology and tap combinations to different rhythms and a variety of music. In class tappers develop motor skills, rhythm and coordination while having lots of fun. 42nd Street, here we come! Tap combo classes are also available. Class Schedules

    Musical Theatre

    Love to sing and dance at the same time? MUSICAL THEATRE
    The Music & Dance Academy provides a unique environment where the best music and dance instructors teach in collaboration. The world of Broadway comes to life in this class, consisting of two basic components: music and dance! Students learn how to bring characterization to a song and choreography, define a character, vocal techniques, and become acquainted with various musical theatre techniques and styles. Students will also create and build their own props. Our musical theatre classes enjoy performing in our annual concert! All Musical theatre students are recommended to take additional ballet, jazz, and voice classes. At least one additional dance technique class is strongly recommended. Class Schedules

    Create Your Own Class

    We will open a class for you and four of your friends (depending on studio availability).
    It’s easy to take the next step. Contact Us to arrange your customized class today!

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