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We now have an easy to order online stores for all of your class attire needs. All classes are listed with the recommended and suggested attire, along with other great dance items listed under studio basics. You are not required to use this online store to get your dancewear, but students must follow studio dress codes.

To shop for female dancers click here...

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It is suggested dancers bring a small dance bag into the studio so ballet/tap shoes can be stored out of the way and aren't misplaced when changing from style to style. An inexpensive small bag is available at the online store.

A water bottle is also required for each dancer for classes. Water bottles with the Music & Dance Academy logo will be available for purchase at the school.

We encourage parents to provide dancers with quality dancewear and shoes so they can benefit fully from their classes!

Class Dress Code

All students are required to wear appropriate dance attire. Close-fitting clothing permits instructor to see problems and make corrections. Hair must be tied back away from face (we suggest a ponytail or bun for long hair, dancers with shorter hair should pin back sides away from face). No bracelets, dangling earrings, necklaces, or watches. Students who do not follow the dress code requirements will not be permitted to take class. Instructor decision is final.

Ballet Classes

Females -Classes

3-4 years

Pink leotard and pink convertible tights

5-6 years

Lavender leotard and pink convertible tights

7+ years

Black leotard and pink convertible tights

Males- All Ballet Classes

Black stretch leggings or shorts, white or black fitted t-shirt, black ballet shoes. Other options per instructor.


Technique Classes

All Classes but Ballet & Hip Hop

Females -Classes

3-4 years

Pink leotard, black shorts/capris/pants, tan convertible tights

5-6 years

Lavender leotard, black shorts/capris/pants, tan convertible tights

7+ years

Black leotard, black shorts/capris/pants,tan convertible tights

Males - All Technique Classes

Black jazz pants or jazz shorts, white or black fitted t-shirt.


*Other Options/Requirements

Ballet skirts are allowed in Ballet classes (optional). Ballet sweaters, knit shorts, and fitted leg warmers are permitted during colder months. Bulky clothing such as sweatpants, t-shirts, sweatshirts, novelty shorts, leotards with designs or costumes are not permitted.

Hip Hop Classes


Hip Hop students please dress for functionality. You may include reasonable streetwear as an option. No hats or jeans, please.

Open Teen & Adult Classes

Students are expected to wear standard dancewear for class such as leotards, solid color jazz pants, capris, or fitted boy shorts. SOLID COLOR cami tops permitted. No bare midriffs, gym shorts, boxer style shorts, or baggy outdoor wear. Hip Hop students please dress for fun. You may include reasonable streetwear as an option. No hats or jeans, please.

ADULT Dress Options

Please dress comfortably for ease of movement. Dance attire is your choice – some adults will wear jazz pants and others will wear sweatpants and a t-shirt.

Class Shoe Requirements

Shoes are fundamental to the learning process so we cannot stress enough the importance of good quality shoes that fit properly (not too big, not too small). If you're looking for the best place to invest in your "dance attire dollars" -- It's in shoes!

IMPORTANT NOTE: The shoes noted are the shoes required for Recital. You do not need to purchase new shoes for class just to match a color or style requirement unless required for Recital at the end of the year. For instance, if the required shoe for your jazz class is a tan slip-on and you already have a black pair that still fit — it’s fine to use those for class until it’s time for you to purchase a new size or required for Recital.

Youth Classes

Tutus for TotsPink leather ballet shoes
Pre BalletPink leather ballet shoes
Tiny TappersBlack velcro tap shoes
TaplettesBlack velcro tap shoes
Intro To JazzTan slip on jazz shoes
Musical TheatreTan slip on jazz shoes
Hippity HopBlack shoes

Classes Ages 7 +

BalletPink split-sole canvas or leather ballet shoe
JazzTan slip on jazz shoes
AuditionTan slip on jazz shoes
Leaps & TurnsTan slip on jazz shoes
Acro DanceTan slip on jazz shoes
FlexTan slip on jazz shoes
Jazz/FunkTan slip on jazz shoes
TapBlack full sole tap oxford
Hip HopBlack sneakers
Ballet BoysBlack ballet shoes
*Heels Tan character shoes
*Pre-Pointe/Pointe*Please see instructor*

Open Teen

& Adult Classes

TapBlack full sole tap oxford
Jazz shoes
HeelsClean high heels of choice
Hip HopBlack sneakers