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Ballet I - III

Studying Ballet Technique

Develop the fundamentals of dance through grace, alignment, flexibility and strength in our ballet classes. You will develop artistry and technique in a supportive, non-competitive and engaging environment.

Ballet 1 (7+ yrs)

The goal of Ballet Level 1 is to impart the fundamentals of classical ballet. Class will focus on basic ballet technique, proper body alignment, French terminology and musicality. Students will be introduced to elementary barre and center work.

Ballet 2 (8+ yrs)

As with each level, students are invited to Ballet Level 2 after they have demonstrated full understanding of the previous level. Body alignment and muscle awareness will determine progress. This class will focus on positions of the arms, direction of the body and increased movement vocabulary.

Ballet 3 (9+ yrs)

In Ballet Level 3, attention is paid to the proper extension of the legs and shape of the feet, developing movement sequences, port de bras and balance. Students will see an increase in difficulty in barre and center work. Students begin focus on repetition and retention.